Cold Food Ideas for Hot Days

Cold Food Ideas for Hot Days

Hello, how are you all doing? Enjoying the lovely weather I hope! Summer is such a beautiful time to go outside and live out your days in sunlight and the warmth of the season. Unfortunately, most of the most popular dishes are hot ones. Eating a steaming hot meal on an already hot day doesn’t appeal to most people – definitely not me! Instead, try one of these cooling and delicious foods that are becoming popular this year! You don’t have to settle for fruit to eat something cold and refreshing in summer. I have compiled a list below of cold food ideas for the hot days ahead of us, so keep reading!

Cold Refreshing Soups

Cold soup may sound strange at first, but they are hard and cooling soups in almost every culture. From borscht to chilled soba and ramen dishes, you can find something that tastes delicious, hydrates you, and cools you off.

One of the most popular version is the cucumber and squash soups that come back into popularity every summer. Cucumber soup can be made even chillier if you add a couple of leaves of mint. You could also spice things up, instead, by making a cold squash soup and dashing a little cayenne pepper for flavor. Both of these are refreshing and light and will fill you up when you’re hungry from spending the day outside in the heat!

Charcuterie Boards are Back

The ultimate cold dish, charcuterie board, is back in high demand. These perfect trays of chilled meats and cheeses go in and out of fashion every couple of years. But, you don’t have to do the boring boards you saw growing up! Instead, kick things up a notch with pepper jelly, or add a little acidity with some pickled pearl onion! The most important thing about these boards is to have a nice mix of everything. Some fruit, some dairy, some meat, and something acidic, all served with salty crackers, is a meal made in cold-food heaven.

Funky Takes On Sandwiches

Reinventing the classics is back in style!  Many people are trying another hand at classic sandwiches and figuring out how to make them cooling and delicious.  The top cooling and light lunch many are testing is a cucumber-tomato-mint sandwich! 

The combination may sound strange, but once you try it, you’ll fall in love.  Cut a thick tomato into quarter-inch slices, spread a little zesty mayo on bread or toast, and lay down some thin slices of cucumber.  Top with crushed fresh mint, and seal the deal with the other piece of bread!  This is both delicious and refreshing in making all of us look at sandwiches in a new light.

Crunchy Leaf Wraps

Something about food being crunchy, as well as cold, makes it all the more refreshing. Lettuce wraps were extraordinarily popular in the early 2000s for their lack of calories, but this buried the lead! Crispy and refreshing lettuce leaves make every dish tastier and make the entire meal feel cooling in the summer heat. The most popular wraps made this way are any mayo or cream-based salad. Tuna, chicken, or salmon: you’ll be excited to go for a second helping without feeling full and overheated from the day.

Will you be trying any of these cold food ideas for the upcoming hot days?