Hair Removal with SmoothSkin

Hair removal is one of those beauty admin tasks that no one really wants to do. Especially if it means the hair is back after a few weeks (waxing) or worse even after a few days (shaving)! So when SmoothSkin contacted me to try their Pure Laser device I couldn’t say no! Plus, if lockdown has taught me one thing, is that to maintain as many beauty treatments at home as possible because who knows what might happen!

Hair removal with SmoothSkin Pure Laser device takes as little as 10 minutes to laser your entire body – that’s less than how long it takes me to take a shower! So, taking just 10 mins out to laser your entire body is pretty worth it in my opinion. It comes with a two-year warranty, has unlimited flashes (so, unlimited treatments), can do up to 130 shots a minute and you can see results as soon as after one use. It also has 3 operating treatment modes and an intelligent skin sensor built in. Let’s put it to the test and see how it performs!

My review on the Smoothskin Hair removal device

I have been using the SmoothSkin Pure laser device every week for 12 weeks and have seen a major difference on hair growth on most of my body! It has definitely reduced hair growth which I hope will be permanent. When I say I’ve seen a reduction of hair growth in most areas, I mean areas where the hair is thick. These are areas such as my under arms, bikini, calves and forearms. However I didn’t see any reduction on my facial hair or thighs and I put that down to my hair there being pretty light.

One thing I would be mindful of is that the flashing lights can be a bit hard on the eyes. I would suggest to look away from the device when using it and to use it in a well lit room. Other then this, to be honest I can’t even fault the device at all!

You can purchase the Smoothskin Pure Laser device for £250.00 at

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