Forever Aloe Gel Drinks Review

Hello, how are you all doing? Well, I am currently fasting and looking forward to the sunset so I can eat and drink! You guys have probably read my other two posts where I collaborated with Forever Living for their serum and masks. If not, you can check out the post on the serum here and the post for the masks here. I have collaborated with Forever again for their Aloe Vera gel drinks and I can’t wait to tell you all about them! So, keep reading!

I have been drinking Forever’s aloe drinks from February up until now and all I can say is I have only seen benefits. Also, a lot of you may not know that Ramadan started on 12th April where Muslims cannot eat and drink from sunrise to sunset. The reason why I am telling you this is because these aloe drinks have made this year’s Ramadan much easier and healthier than previous years.

Previously, I have been at terrible and keeping myself hydrated, however, this year I feel so much better after replacing fizzy sugary drinks with Forever’s aloe drinks.

Forever Aloe Vera Gel

I highly recommend the aloe drinking gel as I have seen noticeable differences in my skin and energy levels since drinking it. I have been drinking it every morning and started seeing results as early as one month in! The benefits that I have noticed have been, increased energy levels since drinking the gel; good for my digestion (which I was previously suffering with) and my skin is clear and has a natural glow to it. It is one of those products that beautifies your skin from the inside out!

Something I’d like to add is, if you don’t mind the taste of aloe you will probably like this one. If not, you will definitely love one of the other flavours below!

Forever Aloe Peaches Gel

If you have a sweet tooth like me, you will love this drink – it has a great after taste too! It is packed full of vitamin C which had my skin looking great as well, but that isn’t all. It is exceptional for my health and again my energy levels are great. I feel much more productive.

When the weather’s been hot, I have been drinking this with ice and it tastes absolutely amazing and refreshing. It is a guilt free, great tasting tonic!

Forever Aloe Berry Nectar Gel

Right, this tastes sweeter then the Aloe gel drink but has less sweetness then the Peaches drink. If you don’t like the taste of the Aloe drink but still like the benefits, this is the drink for you! I have been drinking this every morning and I feel like it gave me energy for the entire day.

Not sure if it’s just after trying this flavour, but my skin, hair and nails have been in amazing condition! It is down to the fact that I have been drinking healthy alternatives to sugary drinks for the past three months.

Why don’t you try replacing fizzy sugary drinks with Forever’s aloe drinks and see the health benefits for yourself?

Forever Aloe Gel Drinks are for £22.94 for 100ml at