AD Forever Living Hydrating Serum

What if I told you there is a Hydrating Serum out there that is super moisturising, non-greasy AND leaves your skin silky smooth? Well, Forever Living has released their new Hydrating Serum which does exactly that and much more!

Forever Living Hydrating Serum also contains key ingredient Aloe Vera and is infused with four types of hyaluronic acid which helps in giving a powerful boost of much-needed hydration for visibly plump skin. Alongside Aloe Vera, it also contains natural ingredients like white tea, mimosa bark, tamarind and snow mushroom to help shield the skin from environmental stressors and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improving elasticity.


The Forever Living Hydrating Serum fits perfectly into my daily routine. After cleansing my face in the morning, I apply the Hydrating Serum to the surface of the skin and then my moisturiser. Although, these days I have been skipping my moisturiser as the Hydrating Serum feels like it’s doing both jobs. Why use two products when you can just use one? I also apply it at night after cleansing. I apply the serum in circular upward motions starting from my neck and going upwards to my face. The serum has a light feel but it’s still super hydrating for the skin and retains moisture.

Personally, the biggest plus point for me was when I started seeing the reduction of fine lines around my eyes and lips. I was getting to the point of stressing about these now, as I was not expecting them to appear so soon! Other noticeable differences have been glowing skin, a great base for makeup (bye bye primer) and a lovely smell!

My review

Personally, I would buy this serum again and I highly recommend you do too. It’s great value for money and it’s a small price to pay when you want your skin to look its best. Even my husband has started using it and is seeing noticeable differences!

The Hydrating Serum has won a Silver in the Best New Premium Anti-Ageing Skincare category of the Pure Beauty Awards in October 2020.

Check out their website, where you can see a range of products including Aloe Vera drinking gels, skincare and nutritional supplements. Forever Living Hydrating Serum is £34.00 for 50ml available from

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