New Naturtint Shampoo and Conditioning Bar

Have you ever tried a shampoo and conditioner in the form of a soap bar? I know I haven’t, so I was super excited when Naturtint got in touch with me to be one of the first few people to try it as it’s still pretty new on the market. I chose the new Naturtint Colour Protecting Shampoo & Conditioning bar but they do also have a Strengthening and a Nourishing bar too.

So, time to put the bar to the test! As directed, I thoroughly soaked my hair before gently rubbing the bar through and then gently massaged it to create a luxurious foam. Finally, I rinsed it all out and as soon as I did i could feel the difference, especially when I brushed my fingers through my hair! It felt so smooth that I couldn’t wait to dry it to see whether it would still feel the same. I applied my GHD Heat Spray and dried my hair – it still felt super smooth! Plus let’s not even talk about the scent – it’s just amazing, I kept smelling my hair all day!

A bit of background info

These bars contain 99% natural ingredients that are meant to hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate your hair. The Colour Protecting bar also contains coconut, cocoa butter and meadowfoam seed oil which are main ingredients for luscious locks!

These bars are approved by Natural Cosmetic by ECOCERT and are free from SLS, parabens, PEGs and silicones. They’re also environmentally friendly, you can save yourself from wasting plastic shampoo bottles!

Naturtint have also kindly provided me with a voucher link for my lovely followers for a discount on the bars. This voucher gives you £3 off of the bar which is normally at £12.

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Disclaimer: The Naturtint Shampoo & Conditioning Bar has been gifted to me in exchange for a blog post. All opinions are my own.