What’s inside my Handbag?

What’s inside my handbag? Do you always have regular things that will always be in your handbag no matter how many times you switch bags? I certainly do and a few days ago, while I was switching handbags, I realised there are only some things that I actually need inside my bag and are the basic necessities that I could never leave the house without. So, I decided to do a blog post on what’s inside my handbag and will always be in there 🙂

Card Holder/Wallet

I used to have this Ted Baker money purse which I still love and will always keep but it weighs so much in my handbag so instead of carrying the weight of that I now just have a small card holder. Who carries cash anymore, right? I got this card holder from Ideal of SWEDEN and have a 15% discount code for all my lovely followers too which is “mehrshares15”. The code is valid across the entire website and they do card holders, wallets, phone cases and many more accessories!


As much as I would like to carry all of my lipsticks in my bag, I don’t (phew). Majority of the time I have at least 3 given lipsticks in my handbag. One is a pinky colour from MAC in the shade Mehr, the other is a bright red lip paint from Fenty and third is a nude from MAC in the shade Honeylove. I also carry a clear lip gloss from Morphe in my handbag as it just gives me that extra option. I carry all of these because they can take me from daytime to evening looks real quick without having to actually change anything else.

Mints/Sanitiser/Face mask

I have always had mints in my bag for obvious reasons and since Covid-19 I have always had a sanitiser and a clean face mask in my handbag too. I also keep a set of clean spare face masks in my car to always keep me covered.

The main face mask I use is a fabric one from Hugo Boss that comes in a pack of 3.


How many times have you wished you had packed a few safety pins, bobby pins or hair ties? Well, I do try to keep them always in my handbag as the situation can arise anytime where they needed!

What’s inside your handbag? Are there some essentials you can’t live without?