What are the Baby Essentials for 0 – 3 months?

As a first time mum I wish I knew what baby essentials I would have needed for my baby, instead of thinking I needed everything that’s recommended online! Then I sat down and gave some thought and asked myself what really were the essentials I needed for the baby during 0-3 months. I came up with this list of baby essentials and I can say the things that I recommend here are what I actually needed and used. These were lifesavers. These items should definitely be considered essential if you’re due a baby anytime soon. Also, if your due date is coming up and you haven’t packed your hospital bag yet, don’t worry, check out my post on what I packed in my hospital bag for inspiration.

This list doesn’t cover the basic essential baby products like bottles, soothers, nappies etc as everyone knows that those are needed.

Baby Night Lamp

I didn’t think we needed to buy the lamp until the day I came home with Ayra from the hospital. We already had a lamp in the bedroom and thought that should be fine to use. But we had a nightmare that night as the lamp we had was too bright for her and lit up the entire room, making it difficult for her to sleep. So, we needed to find something else which actually dimmed the light in the room.

I spent the next morning researching the best night lamp for babies and found the VAVA Baby Night lamp. The reason why I chose this lamp was that it had four different light settings going from bright to dim. Plus it had great battery life of up to 80 hours before it needed to be charged again. The dim setting was perfect for Ayra as it didn’t disturb her but was bright enough so that we could keep an eye on her.

You can find the VAVA baby night lamp here

JoJo Maman Bebe Sleepyhead Deluxe

I didn’t have this on my list as I thought it was just the new trendy thing to have and didn’t need as we had the moses basket. It wasn’t until I was gifted it and tried it out that I realised. Wow – I never realised newborns could sleep so peacefully which obviously resulted in a peaceful nights sleep for me and we were only up a couple of times in the middle of the night. Absolute bliss!

It has become such a staple that I was putting Ayra in the Sleepyhead on the sofa, in the bedroom and when visiting family. It provides the same consistent level of comfort wherever you put it so babies can have a peaceful nap, wherever you are.

The Sleepyhead Deluxe have advertised that it can be used for up to 8-months. However, I found that Ayra started getting uncomfortable at around 2 months old due to the lack of space.

You can find the Jojo Maman Bebe Sleepyhead here.

Baby Sleeping Bag

This is a must have as I was constantly confused about whether Ayra was feeling hot or cold. When she was just a few weeks old, the hot weather decided to make an appearance which made her really restless at night. I was unsure whether I should remove layers, put the fan on or open the window. Plus i had no idea how to regulate her temperature. So I ordered a sleeping bag with a 1.5 tog as there are different togs for spring/summer and autumn/winter. I also ensured that it was 0-6 months as the sizes range and this was perfect newborn size.

Another main reason to buy a sleeping bag was that there is a risk of the blanket covering her face. So, it was much safer for her to wear a sleeping bag to sleep. I recommend these are brought for each age, for example I will be buying one for 6-12 months. Remember that the tog changes each season too, so I’ll be getting a 2.5 tog for Winter.

You can find the baby sleeping bag from The White Company here.

Baby Play Mat

Ayra started playing on the play mat at around 8 weeks and it was really good to keep her occupied for around 20 mins while I did the hoovering or cleaned the kitchen. After 10 weeks she could grab the toys on the mat so it was nice to see this leap of development too. It is also one of the sensory toys for babies.

You can find the baby play mat from Argos here.

Baby Humidifier

When Ayra was a few weeks old she started getting sniffles and a friend recommended I get a baby dehumidifier. I’m so glad I did as it didn’t just help with the sniffles, it also helped a lot during the summer months to absorb the moisture from the air. Plus, it’s supposed to help during the colder months too, where it releases moisture into the air so the temperature of the room is always regulated.

You can find the baby humidifier from Amazon here.

Baby Monitor

I don’t think I need to explain why a baby monitor is needed but I found it really handy when Ayra would be asleep upstairs and I could keep an eye on her while being downstairs. Plus, this one is handy as it has a battery saving mode and lights up when there is any noise. You can buy baby monitors that just pick up noise or one with a camera so that you can keep an eye on them too.

You can find the baby monitor from Amazon here

What do you think were/are the baby essentials for the first 3 months for your newborns?