Does Eve Claim to Help me Sleep?

Does the Eve mattress claim to help me sleep?

Sleep is so fascinating. You can eat all your veggies, go to the gym, but if you’re not getting a good nights sleep you’ll still struggle with living a healthy lifestyle.

When I moved into my home, I hadn’t researched the pillows/mattress I had before buying and that resulted in sleeping uncomfortably. So recently, after searching for mattresses/pillows for about two weeks, I ordered the Eve Mattress and Pillows set to accompany me in my sleep journey. Since their arrival I cannot express how much the need for a good mattress should not be taken lightly.

Eve claims their mattresses and pillows are proven to provide pressure relief and support for you with three layers of soft foam and unique contour zones. The mattress uses cell foams to encourage cooling flow of air which is 30 times more breathable than memory foam. The top layer provides cushioning to keep you comfortable.

Putting the Eve mattress/pillows to test

I ordered both the Eve mattress and pillows from and the delivery dates were between 7-10 days. Once they arrived I did a bit of prodding, pressing the pillows and thought this just seems like memory foam?! Later on in the evening, the mattress and pillows got moved from the lounge to the bedroom by my husband. I put my mattress cover and pillow covers on (even though they did come with covers on them).

I must say this company does go one step further with their great packaging.

Many companies think they’ve understood the statement by creating mattresses that claim they help you sleep like a baby but everyone’s needs are different. I would spend my nights shifting about and don’t even get me started on the bad pillow experiences I’ve had! However, it seems that this mattress and the pillows have changed my sleep game forever. This is not just my experience, my husband loved them too. We haven’t just based our opinions on one night’s sleep, it’s been around two weeks since we’ve had the Eve mattress/pillows and loved them.

Many companies are selling memory foam mattresses but the issue is that the foam heats up and becomes uncomfortable again, so I was in a bit of a sticky situation! The Eve mattress didn’t heat up during the night and helped in providing me with a good night’s sleep. It also has motion transfer which means that the foam isolates movements so you won’t wake each other up with tossing and turning.

The price is a bit of a sticking point with the basic double mattress (including bed frame) costing £625. However, currently Eve have an offer of two free pillows when you buy the mattress.  My opinion is that the mattress/pillows are worth their price as you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep!

The mattress is available in single, small double, double, king size and super king size so there is one for everyone.

Let me know if you’ve tried Eve pillows or mattresses, or any other companies that you live by?

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